Many people do not understand my approach.

Some activists blame me for “making money”, arguing that nonprofit approaches are more virtuous.

Some point out that I’m “just a guy”, with no clear credentials that would make me credible. Someone else should be doing this job.

After years of self-doubt, ups, and downs, I’ve finally been able to take what these detractors tell me with a huge grain of salt. The truth is… they simply do not understand my approach – the “influencer” approach.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been using the brand new, exponential tools available to us on the Internet to warn the public about topics that really matter… dangers that our regulators have severely failed to protect us against.

It started in 2010 with how our food supply is heavily contaminated with toxins which affect our everyday lives and long term wellness. In 2016, I ended up being “red pilled” on EMFs, thanks to Dr. Wendy Myers, Dr. Devra Davis, Dr. Martin Blank, Dave Asprey, Evan Brand and many, many other scientists, doctors and online “influencers” who were already spreading the good word.


Seven Years Later

After studying and publishing on EMFs for nearly 7 years, I’m able to look back and see that the approach I’ve been taking has been working. 

Using the tools I know how to use – affiliate marketing, creating informational products (“info products”) that affiliates can make good earnings promoting, networking in health events around the world, offering podcasts and summits with topics that are brand new, controversial and exciting, and finally, using marketing and copywriting to position “EMFs” as a topic that is both credible, urgent and very concerning – I’ve been able to:

  • Publish one of the best rated EMF books in the world to this day, with 722 Amazon ratings worldwide (4.8 star average), and overwhelmingly positive reviews
  • Teach thousands of health practitioners that their patients/clients should start reducing their EMF exposure now, and that some of them may already be experiencing detrimental effects (Electrosmog Rx EMF course, in collaboration with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and many others)
  • Team up with top EMF mitigation specialist Brian Hoyer to create one of the most thorough EMF protection courses ever created, sold to nearly 3,000 worldwide so far
  • Spread the word on EMFs in magazine articles, several radio shows, one major TV show (Ask Dr. Nandi), several stages as a keynote speaker (Upgrade Labs conference 2021, and multiple events for health professionals), and 100+ podcasts, live social media broadcasts, and much more
  • Host two editions of the annual “EMF Hazards Summit” and publish 75 episodes of the Smarter Tech podcast (167,372+ downloads and counting)
  • Donate more than $30,000 CAD to nonprofit organizations related to safe technologies and scientists who do important, independent research
  • Share EMF studies and help scientists, doctors, and “health influencers” like Paul Chek, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Joseph Mercola, professional athletes, influential doctors and countless others understand the dangers of EMFs and communicate on the topic in a way that is representative of the current science (to the best of my ability, of course… I’m always learning… especially from my most painful mistakes)

I’m not listing any of the above to “brag” or argue that I’m better than any other activist, doctor, or journalist who has been doing similar work. I’m likely not. 

I know so many people in my circles who are way more articulate than I am on the legal side of EMFs, who can cite every single EMF study published in the last 20 years by heart, and whose work deserves to be widely known.

My point is that using the Internet – and the “influencer” model – to spread the word about an URGENT, concerning, environmental toxicity problem (electro-pollution), simply works. And we all need to do more of it. Now.

Here’s how – read on:


2023: Is The Tide Turning?

After a long preamble, I’m getting to the point, I swear.

The reason I’ve decided to write this article is because I sense that the tide is turning in the public opinion around the safety of EMFs, or lack thereof. If you’re an EMF activist yourself, you may have sensed it too.

The conversation is shifting, faster than ever. Most people who talk about EMFs do so not to ridicule the topic, arguing that this is a “tinfoil hat” discussion, but to admit that they are personally concerned about the short and long term effects, and that the data around safety does NOT look good.

Just top of mind – here are a few key events that happened in the last 2 years that have been shifting the discussion around EMFs:

  • 2021 – Dr. Theoharides, one of the world’s foremost experts on MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome), argues in a presentation that EMFs cause rapid mast cell degranulation in rats. Beth O’Hara, who heard Dr. Theo’s presentation said that right after that presentation she “hard-wired my offices at home and work so I could turn off the Wi-Fi. We also turned off the wireless devices at home. […] As soon as the Wi-Fi was turned off, my headaches vanished. Just like that. It was amazing.” This could make the entire field of MCAS research eventually aware that EMFs may be a key trigger for this increasingly studied condition.
  • Feb. 2021Professor Tom Butler, top 2% of scientists worldwide and Professor of Information Systems and Regulatory Technologies at University College Cork, publishes a “working paper” (not published in a journal to this day, according to what I could find) demonstrating “potentially unethical behaviour in a variety of institutional and organisational actors [around EMF safety], the consequence of which is a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of adults and children.”
  • March 2021 – Dr. Chris Portier, PhD, a top toxicologist, argues that “RF probably causes cancer”
  • April 2021 – IEEE Fellow James C. Lin “goes rogue” and starts publishing paper after paper which argues that “RF exposure is probably carcinogenic to humans”. Microwave News reports why the fact that Lin essentially switched sides is so important and historic: “Lin was a commissioner of ICNIRP from 2004 to 2016 and is the first former member to break ranks and speak out against its refusal to acknowledge an RF–cancer risk and call for precaution.”
  • May 2021 – top epidemiologist John William Frank calls for a moratorium on 5G, arguing that “one cannot dismiss the growing health concerns about RF-EMFs” 
  • May 2021A massive 3-part review on EMFs and the environment argues that “long-term chronic low-level EMF exposure standards, which do not now exist, should be set accordingly for wildlife, and environmental laws should be strictly enforced.” Most (if not all) environmentalists are still silent on the matter, unsurprisingly at this point
  • July 2021A review by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) argues that “wireless radiation exposure for children should be hundreds of times lower than current federal limits”
  • August 2021 – The joint lawsuit by Children’s Health Defense and The Environmental Health Trust is won against the FCC. “The Court agreed, citing numerous instances of the Commission’s arbitrary and capricious failures to respond, including to evidence that exposure to RF radiation at levels below current limits may cause negative health effects; the inadequacy of testing procedures particularly related to children, to long-term exposure to RF radiation,to pulsed and modulated RF radiation; and the implications of technological developments that have occurred since 1996. The court also noted the agency’s complete failure to respond to comments about environmental harms.”
  • October 2022A landmark paper published by the “International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF)” (group of independent scientists) argues that our current exposure limits “which are based on false suppositions, do not adequately protect workers, children, hypersensitive individuals, and the general population from short-term or long-term RFR exposures.” The study has been heavily cited around the world since then
  • November 2022 – A slap-in-the-face article published on Propublica by veteran journalist Peter Elkind argues that the FCC “is an improbable organization to serve the role of protecting humans. It specializes in technical issues that make the communications system function, not in health and safety.”
  • January 2023 A review of the scientific literature on mmW (millimeter waves used in some 5G networks) shows that 90%+ of current studies show biological effects
  • January 2023 – EMF scientist Dimitris J. Panagopoulos publishes an extremely extensive book on the biological effects of EMFs. One of the chapters on EMFs & oxidative stress concludes that “among 131 analyzed peer-reviewed studies dealing with oxidative effects of non-thermal Radio Frequency (RF) EMFs, mostly pulsed/modulated by Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), 124 (95%) confirmed statistically significant oxidative effects on various types of biological systems.”
  • February 2023 – Dr. Henry Lai’s updated directory of 290 studies around EMFs & free radical-related cellular processes shows that 91% of studies published since 1997 do show biological effects.
  • February 2023 – Scientist Dr. Lennart Hardell and Swedish investigative journalist Mona Nilsson publish what is arguably the first peer-reviewed case study of previously healthy people getting sick after a 5G antenna was installed very close to their office

Ignoring the fact that our EMF “safety” guidelines are completely laughable – and that the overwhelming majority of *independent* scientists, who are real experts on EMFs and health effects, agree that we are in deep trouble – has become an increasingly difficult task.

As a result, many open-minded, reasonable scientists and doctors who have bothered looking at the actual scientific literature on EMFs have recently “red pilled” themselves. This happened to two very influential figures in the “health freedom” movement in the last six months alone:

  • Dr. Robert Malone (October 2022): “In so many words, a careful reading of the above recommendations suggest that regulatory capture has indeed occurred [with EMF science] and that capture includes corporate media. Strong words. Very similar to the pervasive pattern of regulatory and corporate media capture observed and documented during the COVID crisis.”
  • Dr. Tess Lawrie (January 2023): “So, I’d like to suggest something that may seem radical, but bear with me. Having listened now to several experts and done a bit of my own research, I do believe we should have the same strength of feeling about electromagnetic pollution, otherwise known as electrosmog. That is, the vast and complex soup of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by masts, microwaves, mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers, SatNavs and so on, that we swim in every day.”

But a third person recently switched sides, and went from “EMF silent” to “EMF truther”. And I’ve seen no one report on this potentially historical moment.

This person is so credible, so well connected in the mainstream scientific and medical communities, and has such a wide audience worldwide, that his influence could have massive repercussions on swaying the (online) public opinion of millions and millions of people worldwide, in a short timespan.


Dr. Andrew Huberman: A Trojan Horse For The EMF Movement?

For the last several years, I’ve personally – and I’m sure hundreds of my fellow colleagues/activists did the same – tried to get in touch with countless doctors, health influencers, authors, attorneys, politicians, and other public figures who seemed like they could be open-minded enough to push aside their preconceived notions around EMFs (“it’s all tinfoil hatter garbage”) and review the actual data (“there are essentially no safety standards, and very concerning indications of increase risks of cancer, fertility issues, and countless other things”).

Most of them never responded. I may have been intercepted by gatekeepers, who knows? Or maybe it was just the fact that there’s no real reason for them to re-examine a topic they consider to be 0% credible?

Some of them responded in a way that felt like a “it’s-not-you-it’s-me” moment: “I’m sorry, Nick, I don’t think I’m the right person to feature this topic on my podcast/blog/YouTube/social media”. I’ve received an iteration of this response from top functional medicine doctors, top usually-holistically-minded environmentalist organizations, and many others. Ouch.

What they mean is that 1) they aren’t convinced the topic is credible, and 2) they don’t have time to actually review the scientific literature, or simply feel it’ll be a waste of time.

One scientist – Stanford neuroscience professor Dr. Andrew Huberman – very recently decided to review the EMF literature, and was clearly shocked by his findings. Turns out, as I’ve been trying to warn the entire world since 2017 in my book, that concerns over EMFs are not just for so-called “tinfoil hatters”.

Why is this important? 

Huberman is not only a Stanford professor (very mainstream and credible University in the USA), but makes it his personal mission to educate the public on topics that can impact health. 

He was featured several times on the Joe Rogan Experience (most widely known podcast in the world), and has a MASSIVE following on social media, and in my view, a massive influence amongst other “influencers” which include personal trainers, medical doctors, scientists and other health experts from all walks of life.

Huberman has a following of 2.9M on Instagram, 913k on Twitter, but most of all has an impeccable reputation which makes most of what he says incredibly difficult to completely dismiss.

Huberman “Red Pills” Himself, Then Warns His Subscribers

On January 12, 2023, Huberman recorded a Q&A episode for his premium subscribers (the full version which includes his answers to the EMF question is behind a paywall, unfortunately), where he answered a question on the dangers of EMFs, namely from Bluetooth earbuds.

I did pay $10 to watch the episode (see, I’m dedicated!), and will quote some parts below. Huberman gets into the meat right away:

“The simplest way to describe the literature on EMFs is that, without question, yes, there are potential health hazards associated with EMFs.”

I literally fell on the floor when I heard him say that. I’m not joking… ask my wife. I was blown away, ecstatic, and saw that something big was happening.

He continues:

“So it’s a mixed literature. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that there’s no question that electromagnetic fields when applied to biological tissues can be detrimental to those biological tissues.”

Later, he addresses the fact that many of his subscribers may think that the topic is completely crazy:

“If you think all of this stuff is just crazy — ‘oh, EMFs. I’m not going to worry about EMFs’. Fine. Be my guest. I’m certainly not encouraging anyone to be highly reactionary to this. You’ll have to listen to the episode [Nick’s note: Huberman has announced that he will publish a thorough and dedicated podcast episode later this year on the topic of EMFs. I cannot wait.] when it comes out and decide for yourself.

But given that there is data showing that cell phone use can deplete or hinder the quality of cells, such as sperm cells and other cell types, you could argue that keeping it out of your front pocket would be best. Putting this phone in your back pocket would be second best.”

What about preventative measures to reduce EMF exposure? Unsurprisingly, he recommends the same old stuff that all my readers have been hearing from me for 7+ years, and that many scientists and activists have been shouting from the rooftops for decades before I even started becoming aware of the topic…

“Should you keep the phone next to your head? Well, based on everything I’m reading, I really try now to keep the phone away from my head.

[…]I no longer use Bluetooth headphones. I use corded headphones.

[…] I am not interested in having a lot of EMFs directed specifically at my brain and the ear in particular. The ear and the nose and the eyes are the most direct portals to the central nervous system. You’ve got neurons right at the back of your nose essentially. They sit behind something called the cribriform plate, but they’re not far back up your nostrils or the olfactory neurons of your brain. Your eyes are two pieces of brain.

I use corded headphones, and I’ve become quite aware of trying to keep my laptop off my lap. All males wishing to maximize their testosterone and their sperm should really keep the laptop off their lap.”

He added, on Twitter, that the data on testosterone does not look good, and that he’s clearly shocked that “this is not discussed as it should”. Golden.

But wait, I’ve saved the best part for dessert:

“And frankly, I’m not somebody who never drinks out of plastic bottles to avoid BPAs. I drink out of plastic bottles. I’ll drink out of cans. I’m not somebody who’s hypersensitive about things. Even tap water, I try to drink filtered water, but I’ll drink tap water. So I don’t consider myself somebody who believes that everything is out to get me. I’m far more flexible than that in my thinking about what’s detrimental to health and what’s not. 

But I am frankly concerned about EMFs [emphasis mine] being very close to the body and particularly close to the brain and any tissue that has cells that are rapidly turning over and concerned about extensive exposure over time.

[…] Remarkable numbers if you really think about it. And never before in human history has this kind of technology existed in such close proximity to our bodies and for such extended amounts of time around the clock and every week and every year.”

Yes Dr. Huberman, thank you for being concerned. 

Millions of people around the world, and 250+ independent scientists (plus millions of electrosensitive individuals) around the world have been “concerned” for decades.


The Time Is Now

If my intuition is sound, just mentioning the fact that Dr. Huberman has emitted concerns (and when it finally comes out, mentioning that he has an entire episode dedicated to the topic) should make otherwise-skeptical scientists, medical doctors, and other evidence-based health “influencers” take a long pause before they dismiss the topic. 

This could be HUGE to advance the global recognition that we are facing a huge problem, and that, as I argued in the subtitle of my 2017 book, our current use of EMF-emitting technology is downright stupid.

Since I stumbled upon this discovery, and realized that Dr. Huberman had been red pilled, my mind has been racing…

  • Who else could be red pilled? There are countless functional medicine doctors, ancestral living/Paleo figures, “evidence-based” aficionados and other “influencers” that have NEVER addressed EMFs, probably out of fear that the topic is not credible. May they change their mind once they see Dr. Huberman’s episode on the topic?
  • EMFs is a topic that everyone can equally be concerned about, regardless of their views on the right diet (many of my colleagues are vegans, carnivores, keto, Paleo, etc.), the right type of exercise, on politics, and even on many of the controversial covid topics of the last several years. How can we take advantage of that?
  • And also… How can I get on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast? (hey, I can dream…) After all, Ben Greenfield did mention my book on episode #1235, and Joe seemed to be curious about the topic. Now that Huberman, one of his favorite sources of information, has declared EMFs to be a credible concern… would Joe be willing to address the wireless elephant in the room?


I Need Your Help

If you are connected with any “health influencer” that you think may be open-minded to the topic of EMFs, feel free to contact me.

I’m pretty positive that the following people would change their mind on the topic or at least consider it if they reviewed the actual science – especially if they reviewed Dr. Huberman’s episode on the topic:

Each of the “influencers” above have audiences that are in the hundreds of thousands, and sometimes more. Convincing one of them to actually look at the data, the way Dr. Huberman did it, may help inform millions of people around the world on a topic that is more critical, more urgent and more underappreciated than ever.

OK, enough talking.

Time to go “red pill” some influencers…