Welcome to my temporary kind-of-website.
My name is Nick “The EMF Guy” Pineault. I’m an author
specializing in electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their effects
on human health, and an advocate for safe technologies.

My mission is to spread awareness to the public and
health practitioners alike about the potential dangers of
wireless technologies, and to work with industry and
governments alike to find solutions — and fast. ​


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Electrosmog Rx

Advanced Education For Health Practitioners


Here are a few of my latest appearances on various stages and podcasts worldwide.

Mindshare Summit 2017
How The 5G Rollout Might Crush Our Health And What To Do About It

Nourish Vermont 2018
How To Thrive In A World Filled With Electrosmog

The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast
The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology
(& The Real Research On WiFi Health, Cell Phones, Dirty Electricity & More!)

November 2-4 2018
Live It To Lead It in Las Vegas, NV

July 2019
The Dr. Nandi Show

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