The Science Is Blindingly Clear: Your Cell Phone Is NOT Safe

Neither are your wifi router, so-called “smart” Bluetooth-enabled devices or wearables, cell phone towers, or any wireless technology for that matter.

The non-ionizing radiation they emit is unsafe — and at the moment we simply don’t know what a “safe” dose of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is.

Now, there are two reactions I see people have when they first hear the statements I’ve made above:

  • “You’re wrong”
  • “Oh my God, I knew it all along”

If you fall into category #1, consider that explaining how on Earth tech companies have been able to distribute unsafe devices in the hands of billions of people takes a long time. Please take a look at my book which is heavily referenced and offers a balanced, rational view of what I often call “the EMF issue”.

What Can We Do About It?

Hey, I do see the irony here. I know very well that the vast majority of people reading these very lines are doing so while exposing themselves to an unsafe cellphone, laptop or other EMF-emitting device…

The solution to the problem is not going back to the Stone Age, or becoming anti-technologists. But it will require a bit of work on your part — and you’ll have to change a few key habits around how you use your wireless gadgets.

This is what this website is all about, in a gist. If you want to learn how to use your tech gadgets more safely, you’ve come to the right place.

Who The Heck Are You?

My name is Nick Pineault, and some people call me “The EMF Guy” — “EMF” meaning electromagnetic fields, or simply put the electromagnetic “pollution” that we’re being exposed to and that’s currently steadily increasing. I’m the author of one of the best-rated books on the topic of how EMFs impact human health and what to do about it — it’s called “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs.” Judging by the 600+ 4.5-star average review it has on Amazon stores worldwide, people think it’s a good book. My professional background is in communications, copywriting and journalism — and I’ve been publishing my writings about health and topics I’m passionate about for more than 10 years. Since late 2016, I’ve become a passionate advocate for safe technologies, raising awareness around the EMF problem on well over a hundred combined podcasts, Facebook lives, radio shows, TV shows, and stages all around the world. My biggest goal is to incentivize tech companies, Governments, regulators and consumers alike to demand and develop technologies that are supporting the life of humans, animals and the planet.

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What Now?

This entire website is dedicated to helping you use technology in a way that’s safe and mindful, not the opposite. Have a look around — the vast majority of what I publish is 100% free.

If you want to join me as I explore the broader discussion on technology and health, consider listening to The Smarter Tech Podcast, which is published weekly. If you want to dive deeper and learn the science behind EMFs, and how to protect yourself, take a look at my book and courses.

If you want to learn the lowdown on how the new “5G” (5th generation) wireless networks might impact your health, check out my free report on the topic.

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