Can you shield against the electro-pollution/EMFs emitted by the new 5G towers that are being rolled out worldwide? Are these new signals harder to shield against, or can they be mitigated in a similar fashion than previous technologies? In this episode, I pick the brain of top EMF mitigation specialist Brian Hoyer as we dive deep into solutions to the 5G problem.

Discussed during this episode:

  • How the 5G rollout has slowed down tremendously in 2020, and how Telecoms might even abandon the idea of rolling out millimeter waves technologies after all
  • Why higher frequencies (5G or other technologies) are not necessarily more dangerous or stressful to your biology
  • Why Brian and Nick are more both concerned about the increase in lower frequency 4G and 5G towers than with the rollout of 30+ GHz millimeter wave towers
  • Can the shielding paint or EMF-blocking canopies that Shielded Healing uses block 5G frequencies? Is 5G harder to shield against compared to previous generations of electro-pollution-emitting towers?
  • How much of an investment will building your own shielded bedroom require?

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