In part 3 of this epic interview, Pawel Wypychowski deconstructs the basis of his groundbreaking work — establishing the very basis of electromagnetic biocompatibility (EMBC), through a process he calls Electromagnetic Vitality Engineering (E.V.E.).

If we want to advance the creation of truly health-supportive technologies, especially when it comes to our use of man-made EMFs (ranging from cell phones to light and everything in-between), we need to understand how these foreign signals really affect the bio-electrical systems inside our human bodies and every living thing.

Discussed during this episode:

  • What Pawel’s Electromagnetic Vitality Engineering (E.V.E.) work is all about, and how it’s a much better way to assess how man-made EMFs impact our biology compared to our current EMF “safety” guidelines
  • Why fighting against the 5G rollout but still using a wifi router is complete nonsense
  • The 5 main signal characteristics of man-made EMFs (including visible and invisible light) which make them more disruptive for biology
  • Pawel’s opinion on so-called “low-EMF” cell phones such as the one recently launched by the new Polish startup Mudita

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