Many of you have participated in the EMF Hazards summit and/or read Nick’s book. You have become aware of EMF harms and have been learning how to reduce exposure and protect yourselves and your families from harmful man-made EMFs, mainly in your homes. 

Learning about the harms of EMF, especially of Radiofrequency-based wireless technologies including 5G and how to protect yourself is important. But it is not enough

This technology is not only destroying our health, our children, the environment and our planet, it is also creating control grids and a dystopian future, which to a large extent are already present. We all must do what we can to create change on this issue

Therefore, Nick and I thought it was important to educate his audience about the efforts by those of us on the ground in order to engage you in this work and get your support and participation. To this end, each month I will provide you with updates about important developments, resources to share, and activism efforts where we need your help. The blog is called “In the Arena,” a reference to Theodore Roosevelt’s famous “the man in the arena”/ Citizens of the Republic speech.

Activism on our issue is extremely complicated. The preemption of our rights when it comes to 5G & wireless is unprecedented. Almost all of our rights to object to this technology, even in our homes, have been taken away by FCC regulation, and this technology is considered a matter of national security. Recently, a government agency has definded “5G misinformation” as terrorism and the European Union has done the same in June of 2020. Our best chance of creating change is by coming together and capitalizing on the growing number of people who are now truly informed. 

Dafna Tachover

To those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I am an expert on the issue of 5G and wireless harms. I am also an attorney in NY and Israel and have a technology background from my service as a Telecommunication and Computers Officer in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Since 2012, after becoming injured from wireless technology myself and developing “Microwave Sickness” (also known as electrosensitivity), I have been one of the leading experts and advocates on the wireless harms issue globally. I was at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) office on July 14, 2016, when the agency announced 5G, and with three other activists started the global campaign against it. 

I have worked on the federal, state and local levels, educating, lobbying and awakening communities around the country, and I have led groundbreaking litigation on this issue. 

I am the founder of We Are The Evidence, an organization which advocates for the protection of the rights of the many adults and children who have been injured by wireless technology. Until October 2021, I led the Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) 5G & Wireless Harms Project. 

During my time at CHD I initiated and led its historic win against the FCC, challenging the agency’s obsolete health and safety guidelines. I also led CHD’s challenge of the FCC OTARD rule amendment that allows the installation of base station antennas on homes while preempting all state and zoning laws. I also filed an amicus brief on behalf of 81 organizations in a Pennsylvania Supreme Court case challenging PA’s smart meters mandate law. In 2012, I initiated and led a Supreme Court case in Israel to replace the use of Wi-Fi in schools with wired networks, a case that led to the first limitations on Wi-Fi use in schools worldwide.

Albert Einstein said: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” We all must do what we can to create change. Educating the masses is where our biggest opportunity lies and where you can be very effective. Keep educating yourself and others. Speak the truth and spread it. 

Please consider also supporting our work by making a donation. We depend on them to continue our work. 

~ Dafna 


Activism News

  • OTARD Case – Court Allowed Base Station Antennas on Homes Without Regulation – On February 11, 2022, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit ruled against us in the OTARD case that I led for CHD. The case challenges the FCC’s “Over the Air Reception Devices” (OTARD) rule amendment that allows the installation of base station antennas on homes without application, permit or notice and while preempting all state and local regulations.This rule amendment aims to facilitate a massive deployment of 5G networks (mainly broadband but also voice services). The court gave the FCC a green light to eliminate all our rights to object to such installations. I can see why finding in our favor was a challenge for the court. It is not easy for a court to stop a massive infrastructure deployment, and ruling in our favor would have created turmoil in the telecommunications arena. The court clearly was not ready for that. But this is not a justification. Reading the decision, my feeling is that the court first made the determination to rule against us and wrote the decision accordingly, and for that reason ignored some of the arguments we made, such as the constitutional law arguments. Most likely, a motion for a rehearing will be filed. 
  • Pittsfield MA Board of Health Voted to issue a Cease & Desist Order Against Verizon  On February 2, 2022, after 17 residents, including children, reported becoming injured with various neurological symptoms from the radiation emitted by a cell tower, Pittsfield’s Board of Health voted to issue a cease and desist order to the utility. This is the first such agency to do so. (The order itself has not yet been issued.) To ensure that the Board issued a powerful order that will also be defensible in court, attorneys Dafna Tachover and Scott McCollough provided the board with a draft cease and desist order. The Board has been under a lot of pressure to refrain from adopting the order, but on 2/23/22 it  agreed to adopt this draft order. The board agreed to withhold actually issuing the order, however, until “all its ducks were in a row,” including hiring an attorney to represent them in potential litigation with Verizon and securing the funds for such litigation. When the order is adopted, it’s very likely Verizon will sue. If the Board should win in court, other municipalities around the country will be able to use the same loophole to remove cell towers which are in close proximity to homes.
  • Chicago School said No to Cellular Antennas Contracts Renewal – Following pressure from parents, Sutherland Elementary School Council voted 10-0 to discontinue Cingular/AT&T and Verizon cellular antennas lease renewals in order to protect their children from harmful radiation. We must continue this trend and get schools, churches etc to break contracts for cell towers. If your children’s school / your church are interested in breaking such contracts, Dafna will be happy to help


Take Action 

File Comment with the FDA – Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) has filed a legal petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking them to declare the radiation

from wireless infrastructure and devices an imminent hazard to public safety. The FDA has failed to properly review the evidence on the issue of wireless harms even though it is its job to do so. Please file a comment. ART provides tips and insights for writing comments. 


Interviews to Share and Educate Others 

Is 5G the Enemy – Del Bigtree’s Interview with Dafna Tachover. The interview also discusses the interference of the new 5G networks with critical airplane systems. 


New Scientific Papers


Interesting Articles



Energy Medicine Movement Class  – Biohack Your Inner Electricity for Better Health – Lisa Swarbrink is a brilliant body worker and a friend. She started a weekly zoom class teaching how to balance your bio-electric body. The class provides tools to help with electro-sensitivity, insomnia, anxiety, pain, depression, fatigue, trauma and more. Lisa utilizes energy medicine & movement to help you biohack your inner electricity for better health and personal empowerment.