It was time for Nick to get “red pilled” on geoengineering… and Nikki Florio delivered, big time. In this sobering presentation, Nikki goes through a small fraction of the technologies that are being tested all over the world with the aim of controlling weather and “controlling” nature.

Just like EMFs, geoengineering is often considered one of these “tin foil hatter” topics. In reality, most of what is done in this field should be looked at and discussed urgently. The survival of our ecosystems might be at stake.

Discussed during this episode:

  • The difference between weather and climate, and what factors can make weather vary
  • The sobering reality behind geoengineering – from the corporations and governments involved to the very technologies that are being used
  • How this topic has been demonized and ridiculed just like EMFs, even if it’s in reality an urgent discussion we should be having publicly
  • The current consequences of geoengineering projects, including the impact on bees

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