No one gets it more wrong when it comes to EMF radiation than high end hotels… one time I’ve seen them place a wifi router right under my king-sized bed. 

In this practical demonstration, I’ll show you exactly how to easily minimize your EMF exposure in hotel rooms, and get the most restorative sleep possible while you’re traveling.

Schedule Update: This will be the last episode of Smarter Tech for 2021 and for Season 2. Nick will be taking a short break for the holidays and will be back with Season 3 starting in mid January, 2022. Stay Tuned!

Discussed during this episode:

  • The #1 most important room to mitigate first
  • The “3D” system I’ve developed with Brian Hoyer, and how it can help you know exactly what to prioritize every time when it comes to EMFs
  • Why most alarm clocks in hotels are EMF hazards
  • How to use the Greenwave Meter and plug-in filters to reduce dirty electricity in your hotel room

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