It’s undeniable that saunas and other light-based technologies show tremendous benefits, but a lot of companies ignore the fact that their technologies emit other man-made EMFs that might be a stress to the human body. In this episode, Nick chats with Randy Gomm who explains how he was able to engineer a sauna that is very low in EMFs all while emitting zero VOCs.

Discussed during this episode:

  • The story behind Radiant Health Saunas, and how Randy became interested in manufacturing zero VOCs, very low-EMFs saunas
  • How Randy’s saunas are tested to ensure they emit very low levels of EMFs (magnetic fields AND electric fields)
  • Is “detox” just a buzzword, or are our bodies truly overwhelmed by certain environmental toxins which we can get rid through the use of saunas and other health tools?
  • Randy’s opinion on why far-infrared saunas are ideal when it comes to detox

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