Dr. Ruggiero is a highly esteemed scientist in the fields of EMF radiation, the microbiome and quantum biology. He also invented one of the most credible “inner” solutions (oral supplement) against the detrimental effects of EMF radiation.

In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Ruggiero dives into the effect that EMFs have on our microbiome, goes down the rabbit hole of how several people around the world have been found to live normally without having a brain, and much, much more…

Discussed during this episode:

  • The story behind the “Praesidium” inner shield supplement, and how it works
  • A dive into consciousness… How could a man really live normally, without having a brain?
  • How EMFs impact the microbiome, potentially more than they damage our cells
  • Why following the ALARA principle when it comes to EMF exposure is key, even if you take Praesidium, antioxidants, nutrients or use any other type of “EMF protection”

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