Most Meters Are Blind To High Frequency Radiation Including 5G & Satellites — A Problem Rapidly Increasing

I teamed up with engineer Cyril Bourke to help bring to market a more affordable EMF meter that would be able to detect millimeter waves up to 60 GHz. If you want to be kept in the loop about this project, please click the button below:


Important Note (5/20/2020): A video previously used claimed that the source Cyril detected high levels of radiation from satellites broadcasting over Australia. Communications we received from esteemed colleagues including engineers and scientists have hinted that this might be a mistake; a technical artifact. I’ll follow-up with more information as soon as I have more. The last thing we want to do is to misrepresent the problem we’re facing.

The fact remains that the use of millimeter waves (mmW), which cannot be detected by affordable EMF meters, is rapidly increasing. We still have the intention to help fix this EMF blindspot and help bring to market a more affordable and scientifically-accurate meter.